Sunday, 26 May 2013


I was introduced to complexgeometries through Stephanie at Odyssey Home and have been quite besotted for some time now.  Given that my style is different to Odyssey, I had to process how and if I could make the look mine.  Today was my first attempt at styling this dress that can be worn at least two different ways.

dress : complexgeometries
long tail cardigan :  luka
booties : hush puppies

I really had the dress in mind for summer... but.... wanted to see if it could be styled for the cooler weather.  The dress has a racer back and so is of course sleeveless, and the hood has been scrunched and gathered around the neckline.  I have worn a long tail cardigan over it which blends in with the drape and flow of the dress.  I'm not sold on the opaque tights here so leggings or skinny jeans will be next on my list to try.

neckpiece : equip

I know... I really need a haircut!

I am interested to know what your current label, brand, design crush is.

xxx Deborah 


  1. Deborah, this is a fabulous look!
    It is truly your style and I love the necklace which matches perfectly with this clean chic without any further accessories.

    Lady of Style

  2. This outfit looks striking on you, very interesting design. I think your hair looks good in these pictures! It's been raining a lot here and my post last week my hair really did look bad. I couldn't get it straight with all the humidity. I love your chic minimalist style. It looks so right on you!

    blue hue wonderland

  3. Annette & Ann you are both so kind to comment on my post.
    Anne I hear you on hair and weather! But I think your hair always looks stunning. Im booked in for a cut and colour tomorrow, why is it our hair always looks good just before it's due to for an update :) This dress is just so interesting and the garment construction fascinates me (no seams). My young son likes it best with the hood worn as a hood lol.

  4. Deborah, you have such a strong sense of style and the complexgeometries dress looks so cool and modern on you.
    I'm into the Indian designer Manish Arora his spring 2013 has all the colors and ultra accessories that I enjoy wearing.

  5. Thank you Ofelia. I must take a look at Manish Arora.

  6. Lovely combination of the dress and cardigan! I really like your outfit with the tights :)

  7. Thanks so much GlassOrganelle :) It's such a fun dress to style but I am realy looking forward to wearing it in the summer.