Friday, 31 May 2013


Yesterday I made a bit of an impulse buy!  This blouse called out my name as I was shopping for sweaters for our winter.  I don't normally like wearing shirts/blouses with collars but this collar felt small enough and sat low enough on my neck to warrent giving it a try.

The blouse is such an interesting piece.  The front is a moody and abstract leafy pattern while the back and sleeves are a houndstooth.

Just in case you're interested I did also find a sweater:)

sweater : cotton on
blouse : rivers
ponte pants : target
booties : hush puppies

xxx Deborah


  1. You look so elegant and I do like the different prints on the blouse.
    I think you are going to have quite a stylish winter.
    Have a nice weekend,

  2. Thank you Ofelia. Winter is my favourite season and I love winter layering:). I nearly didn't buy the blouse because I couldn't see myself wearing it on its own, then as I was about to walk away the layering possibilities flashed before my eyes:)

  3. Deborah, you really know your style!
    Your buttoned up blouse brightens your all black outfit and the wider top goes so well with the slim fitted trousers.
    Very sophisticated look!

    Lady of Style

    1. Annette, thank you. I could wear the slim bottom, oversized top silhouette on a daily basis if I could.

  4. I agree with Annette. The oversized top and slim trousers are very becoming. Interesting top with the different patterns, seems really versatile. You wear black beautifully.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. Ann, thank you. Given just how much I love and enjoy wearing black, that is such a lovely compliment.

  5. Deb just spotted some gorgeous sale items at Seed, saw this top and thought it of you!

    1. Thanks Karen:) I will take a look.