Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Apologies for the blog silence this week.  I attended a conference at the end of last week and had a presentation to do when I returned home  Life has been busy and to top it off, I left my camera at a friends home in Melbourne... so no camera, no outfit posts! But the good news is I should be getting my camera back tomorrow.

In the meantime I thought I would share a few purchases from this month.  I have started to streamline my shopping and find I am making much more intentional and less impulsive purchases.

So, after quite a search for my perfect black booties, I found these lovelies!  Simple, clean design, and a comfortable wedge heel.  They work with everything.

Hush Puppies Black Onyx

Yes, I know... Hush Puppies, what can I say, it seems they are producing some more modern designs these days.

I appreciate the availability of oversized and assymetrical tops at the moment and feel inclined to snap them up as I see them.  The grey one I also bought in black (2 actually). Both are inexpensive but relatively well made garments considering they are from lower end stores.  Like the booties, these tops are very simple and perhaps not exciting in themselves but in the right combination they can be quite fab.  And I do love the drama of black and drape!

grey asymetric top : kmart
black oversized square sweater : supre
xxx Deborah


  1. I love Hush Puppies!
    These are great booties because they give you support through out the entire foot. I like the fact that you are streamline your shopping and discovering that you are making less impulsive purchases.

  2. Thanks Ofelia. I am definitely becoming more disciplined. I went to one of our shopping malls today and stayed focussed, got what I needed and didn't look at anything else...quite an achievement for me:)

  3. Great looking pieces (especially the ankle boots)!

    1. Thanks Odyssey. Finding the boots has been a labour of love. I knew exactly what I wanted, along with my budget. I was tempted to compromise along the way but glad I held out for 'my perfect' boots.