Welcome to Stylish Murmurs!

I'm Deborah Gates, a 40 plus blogger from Melbourne, Australia now living in a smaller regional city in Victoria.  In fact, our 'tree change' was the catalyst for starting Stylish Murmurs.  I have loved fashion and style since I was a young child and have worked as a freelance stylist on and off for a number of years. 

An avid blog reader and a very visually focused person, I saw how helpful outfit photos can be.  I initially started photographing my outfits for my own benefit, but given how much I enjoy reading style blogs and seeing others' outfits, I decided perhaps, just maybe, you might like to see mine.

Age Appropriate!
I have strong feelings about women being free to wear what they like, how they like, when they like.  I have read and participated in many ‘age appropriate’ discussions, and I am still not sure what it really means. It is quite subjective, and means different things to different people.  I love to see women dressing in what they believe is ‘appropriate’ for them.

My Style!

I have a very strong positive emotional response to black. I like it. But to elaborate, I would like to paraphrase something a very stylish friend of mine said recently, 

“Why does black sing the sirens song for me? Black “gets” me on so many levels – particularly on emotional levels which express my message. Black embodies the qualities of mystery, quietness, intelligence, formality, and simplicity. It is powerful and can be conservative, edgy, avant garde or elegant in turn. These qualities are the message I wish to convey – these things are me”
And white tends to flatter and light my complexion. White is my ‘colour’. When I don’t feel like an “all black” outfit, I turn to white to accent the black.
A Little More About Me!
Aside from style, my passions are my family (husband and young son) and community.
I have over 20 years experience working in the community sector in the areas of Community Events Management, Fundraising and Volunteer Management!  

Well that's me!  Look forward to getting to know you.

xxx Deborah


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