Saturday, 9 February 2013

Almost Black

Labeling individual style is a popular pastime and something I am not particularly good at, but it is fun to throw ideas out there.  So while I am not sure what you call this, I am sure that I like it.  A slim bottom, whether it be pants, or a skirt, worn with an oversized, drapey topper is a favourite look of mine.  One of my style icons suggested Elegant Eclectic as a suitable style descriptor for me, what do you think?  

Open Toe Booties - Rubi Shoes (this season)
Skirt - Jacqui E (old)
Open Weave Sweater - Target (this season)

How would you describe your own style? 

xxx Deborah


  1. I really like this outfit, the peeptoe boots give it a playful edge!

    I too find it hard to label different personal styles. It's nice to know where you fit, but in the end sometimes I find labels can be limiting. Like you said, even if you're not sure what it is, as long as you enjoy it, it must be a good thing :)

    1. GlassOrganelle, thank you! I have been reading your blog of late and I really love your style. You have some beautiful pieces and you have me lusting after a number of Rick Owens designs :) And it's lovely to hear from another Australian.