Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Great Purge

I have been doing a lot of closet reviewing in recent times, and the last two clean outs have been brutal!  Yesterday I felt compelled to take a good hard look at my dresses and once that was done I went through everything else...again.

I only want things I love in my closet.  And the contents of my closet are becoming less and less.  It's a little scary but liberating at the same time.

I discarded about 6 dresses yesterday. A couple fit into the category of  "it will do for...." and another two that I have had for years, are pretty classic, still in perfect condition, but not my preferred silhouette, and I haven't worn them for at least 2 years - I still don't really know why I have been hanging on to them.   And there are still more hanging in my closet that are on "probation".

Empty clothes hangers after 'the purge'

I have come to that place of wanting that beautifully curated, medium (wont' say small because I do need variety) sized wardrobe of items that I love and wear often.  I no longer need quite as much variety and want to know clearly what works with what and be able to walk into my closet and just reach for something without too much thought in the mornings.  I'm getting there but I'm not as close as I thought.  

I expect my purchases this year to become even more intentional and I expect there to be less of them.  I am slowly moving more towards quality and moving further away from the need for immediate gratification. Waiting for the perfect piece is more than worth the wait.

With respect to my my shrinking wardrobe, as I reached for a pair a pants to wear today, I realised I now only have two pairs of summer pants for the office... I had a moment of panic and then actually felt quite good about it.  It certainly made the choosing quick and easy lol

Does this resonate with anyone?  Am I going to regret The Great Purge of 2013 :)

xxx Deborah


  1. Quality over quantity, Nuff said.

    1. Agreed! Unfortunately, some of us take longer to work it out:)

  2. Big closet purge - been there, done that, very happy with results. No regrets whatsoever. :)

  3. In the process of doing the same. I have so many things I classified as "need" but have rarely worn. I feel very wasteful but hopefully this is he beginning of defining my style creating better shopping habits.

  4. Hi Mary, I had trouble responding before:(. I have often felt wasteful filling my closet with something I might wear once and then loose interest in. I find I am now much more intentional and thoughtful about my purchases, only allowing items into my wardrobe that reflect my style goals and and are worthy of a place in my closet. Purging certainly helps the process. Good luck.