Monday, 11 March 2013


Anything goes in my office... which works for me!  I do tend to be someone who dresses depending on how I feel so this gives me a lot of scope and facilitates my love of variety in my outfits.

jacket : red berry
tunic : lilia
skirt : cocolatte
shoes : corelli

This tunic is a very easy piece to wear.  It works well equally over skirts and pants as long as the under layer is slimline.  It is sleeveless but these days I find my preference is to cover my arms.

Pattern mixing is very popular currently and being a novice in that department I like to stick to keeping my pattern mixing tonal, hence the abstract pattern of the tunic against the animal print wedges.

xxx Deborah


  1. Very flattering and feminine look. Modern, chic, slim.. in one word: beautiful.

    1. Greetje, thank you so much for dropping by and for your kind words. I have just discovered your blog and am enjoying browsing though. You have lovely style and look spectacular in vibrant colours.

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