Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sunday Girl

I trust everyone has enjoyed a happy and safe holiday period and is looking forward to the New Year.  We have had family staying, eaten much Christmas fare and spent most of this week relaxing... oh ... and we did check out the Boxing Day sales.

kimono style jacket : katies
sleeveless blouse : valley girl
pants : rockmans
flats : kmart
bag : stella mccartney for target

The sales have been a little disappointing.  We saw a lot of sales prior to Christmas and really it appears to be all the same items still on sale with no further reductions.  This was actually fine as there was nothing I had my eye on, or really wanted/needed.

I wore this outfit to church this morning.  I quite like a cropped pant on others but have a very low tolerance for the cropped look on me.  These pants, however, with the side ruching attracted my attention and I decided to give them a go.  They are comfortable, I love the side detail and are very easily dressed up or down.

My young Master 10 got a Silly String Gun yesterday!  In the course of the day he discovered other aerosol cans would fit the plastic gun also. As you can see he came up with a new method of applying hairspray!!  So pleased with himself. :)

I almost forgot to ask!  What did everyone get for Christmas?

I received a gorgeous black leather cross body bag and a much sought after pair of black leather sandals (quite LD Tuttle-esque).  Hope to show you soon.

Wishing you all the best for the New Year and look forward to doing 2014 with you.

xxx Deborah

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And thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post.  I am very proud to be able to call Sharon a 'friend' (we live in different states but have met in real life and she is beautiful woman inside and out) and I trust that sharing her story has encouraged us to be more pro-active with respect to that aspect of our health.


  1. Now I see why your hair is always so beautiful and especially today :-) Love the highlights!
    But not only your hair and your outfit, also your photos are brilliant. Have you got a new camera?
    All the best for you and your family for the New Year, Deborah and also for Sharon. Thank you for introducing her. What a brave and encouraging woman!

    Annette | Lady of Style

    1. Annette thanks so much for the feedback on my photos. It is greatly appreciated. I have a good camera (my hubby bought it for me not long after i started blogging) but I just haven't had time to learn how to get the best out of it So while on summer holidays I am studying up and seeing how I can improve my pics to the quality produced by yourself and the other fab bloggers I follow:)

  2. I like the pants on you, and think the shorter soft jacket complements them nicely. The picture with your sun is too funny!

  3. This is something I would wear! Love the jacket, pants and shoes! Great work! And Happy New Year!

  4. I agree with Annette, your hair is looking so fine! Enjoy seeing these clear pictures. I just started using our better camera too. Half the battle is learning how to use it. Cameras have so many options compared to the old SLR's. Your outfit is lovely as usual. I'm smiling that this young man with the silly string and wondering if he is going to spray it! Love your couch and pretty pillow. Merry Christmas, a bit late.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. Merry Christmas to you and your family also Ann. And thank you. It's your photos in particular that have inspired me to do better. You and your hubby produce such high quality and clear pics I am always a little envious of your abilities :) I also love the colour in your photos.

  5. That kimono jacket is awesome. You look great and gorgeous. Happy New Year!


  6. You look so elegant! The touch of gold brings a special sparkle and you look like a million dollar.
    Happy New Year!

  7. I love this outfit!!! So sweet, a little glam, and a lot adorable. I'd never think to style your cutie harem-style pants this way ... fabulous.
    I hope you didn't get too spritzed. But clever idea ... advise him on how to patent it and sell it. As Seen On TV!
    Got a pretty "hommage-Cartier-Tank" by Pulsar ... as close as I'll ever get to one, but I love how they look.
    And a new pair of gold and green Ray-Ban aviators. Another weakness!
    Have a brilliant 2014!

  8. Happy Holidays, Deborah! Your pants at a subtle yet interesting detail to your outfit. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas gifts in action! My family is not big on Christmas, but I did have a lot of chocolate and pudding!

  9. Ok this post made me smile a lot! Young Master 10's facial expression is awesome!

    OMG love those gold pointy flats. So chic.

  10. Ha!
    You look chic, as does your furniture. I'd love to see more of your interior style. Happy New Year! xo

  11. So nice to read a post and know the shops where you bought them. The outfit look great.