Sunday, 26 April 2015


It is Mother's Day on Sunday, May 10 and as I won't be able to see my mum this year on Mother's Day, and in conjunction with Millers Magic Moments with Mum, I thought it would be nice to share my love and appreciation for my mum in a blog post!

colour block wrap : c/- Millers  /  jersey top (not seen) : target  /  regular slim ponte pant : c/- Millers  /  boots : serra
  track chain necklace c/- Millers  / flat disc flower earring : c/- Millers

I am thrilled to be part of Millers Magic Moment with Mum and share with you how special my mum is.   I am incredibly blessed to have a mum who has always been there for me. There have been many Magic Moments with my mum, some very positive and full of joy and others encompass sadness and times of challenge.  My mum has a beautiful servant heart and is always the first one to offer to help when a friend or family member is in need. 

When I was pregnant with my son, I had no idea how challenging a new born would be and how dramatically my life would change. I naively expected I would take it all in my stride, continue to work and my baby would just slot nicely into my schedule.  Well was I in for a shock?!    During those first 6 weeks, my mum would come over to my house ... frequently! and do my washing, some housework, make sure I got some rest... and she would cook! 
My mum has always been a wonderful cook - I remember many dinner parties as a child - where she would cook up a storm for her friends. I didn't have to cook for months.  I recall her making small individual pies, soups and casseroles and filling my freezer with the most delicious meals.  If not for my mum, I don't know how I would have coped.  I am forever grateful for her love and support. 

Partnering with Millers is also significant as my mum has been a long time customer of the brand, so it was fun to peruse the current range this time with a view of what I might wear rather than what my mum might wear.  I was quite excited when I spotted their range of wraps and ponchos.  Wraps and ponchos are a winter staple in my wardrobe irrespective of whether they are trending or not, so when I spotted the very Burberry-esque Colour Block Wrap - despite it not being all black - I felt it would be an excellent addition... a bit of a wardrobe wildcard if you like.  The drama of the wrap calls for a simple support act so I went with a column of colour (black of course) with some silver accessories, also from Millers, to lighten the look.

Black Check Wrap     /    Colour Block Wrap    /     Zebra Knit Weave Wrap
all available @ Millers

Do you have special plans with your mum for Mother's Day?

And what about ponchos and wraps (or open ponchos as some refer to them)?  Is this a garment that you have added, or plan to add, to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe? I have also purchased a grey marl poncho for this season but have my eyes open for a black jersey version too!

xxx Deborah

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I have written this post in collaboration with Millers Fashions.  Items cited as "c/-" have been gifted to Stylish Murmurs, however all opinions expressed are 100% my own. Garments for review are selected by me and I only accept items that I would choose/purchase myself.


  1. It's always wonderful to be near mothers and sad when you can no longer do so. Love this open poncho or blanket coat. I love the print. This piece is perfect your style with your usual looks.

  2. I bought a blanket wrap/poncho from Muji in London a few years ago and have used it frequently since. They're such versatile, comforting items - especially good when travelling as it has multiple uses (a blanket over the knees, rolled into a pillow, as an extra blanket in a chilly hotel, as a scarf... etc.). Funnily enough, my mum has always been a big fan of blankets too - she owns a few very lovely ones, and even mended mine when I made a small tear in the wool.

    I love your selection from Millers - the colours are beautiful and look great over the all black outfit. :-)

  3. A gorgeous wrap! These rich colors and the style looks beautiful on you.

  4. I love this wrap but it never made its way to Perth! Looking fab x