Thursday, 13 August 2015


Following on from my previous post on layering I thought I would share with you an outfit where through styling I was able to create a draped and layered effect with a reasonably simple and uncomplicated item.

cardigan : caroline morgan
obi belt : can't remember
regular slim ponte pants :millers
ankle boots : hush puppies
clutch : oasis leather poppy fold over
jacket : motto
earrings : michael hill

The cardigan is a hand me down from my sister who is 6ft!   The cardigan while a flattering colour palette, is really too long for me and just a little overwhelming when simply worn as is, so I had a play to see if I could make it work better for me.

Edge to edge pointed hem cardigan.  It's shorter at the back, about knee lenth

Cross the  front panels over, and then wrap a wide obi belt around the cardigan, tie at front, or back as you prefer.   Pull the left (or right) front up creating a shorter hem on that side.  Let the excess fabric fold and flow over the belt.

End result!

Hope you are  having a great week!

xxx Deborah


  1. The cardigan is wonderful. I love your color scheme, and imagination in their pattern. The design is great, and is great with black jacket, a great idea.

    1. Thank you Josep-Maria, I have fun playing around with styling ideas.

  2. Love how you've arranged the cardigan! It adds some nice asymmetry to the outfit.

  3. Wow! Love this. It looks great on you. Marie

  4. That leather jacket! The belt too!
    I've concluded that I look most like "me" in soft draping/asymmetry plus structure - so this really caught my eye. Your outfits are inspiring and creative. I'm enjoying the surprise of color in your recent posts.

    1. Stephanie, interesting because that is how I would I say I feel most 'me' also. All structures feels/looks dowdy on me and all drape and slouch just looks and feels sloppy, where as a combination of both feels just right :) You may have just inspired a future post;)

  5. Gorgeous - LOVE the blue on you!

    1. Thanks Petra. I am really enjoying a bit of blue at the moment.

  6. The cardigan looks wonderful - it almost reads as a dress, but I think the addition of the obi gives a Japanese yukata look to it. The addition of the jacket give this a very sophisticated edge.