Tuesday, 15 September 2015


My "go to" silhouette is a skinny leg and a more voluminous or drapey topper but every now and again it's fun to play with different silhouettes.
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lantern dress : wishstone
draped merino vest : blue illusion
leather back pack : serra
microsuede ankle boots : rivers

I would normally keep volume away from my lower half, but I find this silhouette quite flattering.  Proportions play an important role in making this work, with the leggings being the 'third piece' that finishes the outfit.  Without the leggings the outfit didn't look half as interesting... in my humble opinion :)

The back pack is a new wardrobe addition and was based more on practicality than style.   There are often times when being able to go "hands free" would be extremely useful and now that there is a wide selection of upscale backpacks, it seemed like a good time to try one out.  I will let you know if it turns out to be the workhorse I expect it to be.

How often do you mix it up with your outfit silhouettes?  Or are you like me and generally stick to something tried and true?

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xxx Deborah


  1. Other Monochrome beautiful, you are the princess monochrome. I love the game of volumes on your figure. The backpack is superb.

  2. Is the wishstone dress recent? A quick google search didn't turn anything up. Love the outfit.

    1. Hi, Yes it is quite a recent purchase. I have found it available through an Ebay seller new with tags. I think this label might actually have a Ebay shop but not sure. Here's the link It seems to be a style that is always available:) Also the Motto Jersey Puff Dress is very similar and is gorgeous. The fabric is lovely and it's more transeasonal than the Wishstone one. Good luck :)

  3. This silhouette works perfectly on you. The backpack looks like a great addition! I think sometimes we (or specifically me) forget about how convenient life can be once you invest in more practical items.

    I try to mix up my silhouettes quite often, although I'm not sure how successful I am at it. I often force myself to try something new with an open mind to see how different silhouettes can be flattering in different ways and then getting comfortable with it.

    1. Mia, you create some of the most lovely silhouettes. Always creative and arty in an alternate way. I struggle to try different looks, I find I am very set in my ways lol.