Sunday, 15 May 2016


Yes, I am talking about minimizing my wardrobe!  Do I have a minimal wardrobe?  Not really.  I would describe my wardrobe as medium sized.  Oh and just in case you are trying to avoid the issue, you know I am not talking about my actual wardrobe,  but rather the amount of clothing it houses right:)
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Five years ago, I began a project to reduce the amount of clothing I owned. I relocated with my family and once settled into our new home, I managed to fill my half of the walk-in robe, the robe in the guest room AND 3 large plastic tubs. Like so many others before me, I became painfully aware that I was only wearing a small percentage of all of these clothes.

I kept some because they were lovely quality and I paid a lot for them.  Others because 'I might need them', and others because 'when I loose some weight they will fit again'.  There appeared to be some element of security in having all those clothes.

Five years on and I use a moderate sized walk-in robe.  Everything fits in the walk-in.  Even my coats.  My husband very kindly gave me the walk-in a couple of years back and he uses a stand alone wardrobe. 

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The items that were in good condition and were expensive were sold via Ebay,and a garage sale, and I do regular a regular 'pop up boutique' in my home.  I was able to recoup some of my money and see my clothing go to a good homes.  

When I did loose weight (and I did) the clothing I was holding on to was either no longer interesting to me or didn't fit me properly.  Often when we loose weight our shape is not as it was before, so those items were also either sold or donated.

My purchasing has also changed.  I am more intentional and will spend more but will buy less.  A wardrobe that is full of much loved items that are worn often makes me happy.  I suspect the security I found in having a lot of clothes has now been replaced with a sense of fulfillment from having a cohesive collection of items that I am happy to wear over and over. 

In terms of the amount of clothing I have, I don't tend to count my items, I operate more on how I 'feel'.  When I start to accumulate too much, I feel overwhelmed.  Simple as that!  And that is when I will do a quick cull and move things on.  I keep a 'sales rack' and that also acts as a bit of holding zone in case I have been too hasty in my culling.  Occasionally one or two items will make their way back into my closet.

It all sounds simple I know, but it did take 5 years to get here and I am sure I will continue to refine and develop my wardrobe management.  I do feel I am heading to a more minimal situation. There was definitely  some stress, frustration, and disappointment as I worked through my abundance of clothing, but I am pleased to report that it has been replaced with ease, excitement and extreme satisfaction as I face my closet each morning and prepare for my day.

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Sadly none of these closets are mine, but don't they look beautiful!  

How do you manage your wardrobe?  Are you a wardrobe minimalist or maximalist?  What type of wardrobe makes you happy?

xxx Deborah


  1. A few months ago, I also was feeling overwhelmed with my clothes. I was still hanging on to my work wardrobe even though I've been retired 4 years. After discovering Marie Kondo and her tidying methods, I have whittled down my wardrobe to only things I really love. Don't think I'll ever be a minimalist, and I do have a storage area of a few "maybes", but mostly I only keep what I really love. Now on to other areas of my home! Great post, by the way.

    1. Laura thanks for the reponse. The Marie Kondo method has been really popular but I am yet to read her book. Good luck as you move onto the rest of your home, I found that I also was ready to declutter the rest of my life once my wardrobe was under control :)

  2. I'm a wardrobe minimalist for two reasons - I don't have time to shop & I wear a suit most days for work (which makes it easier too). I do have a lot of accessories though �� These wardrobe pics are gorgeous - if only!

    1. You wardrobe might be minimal but I bet your accessory collection is like walking into wonderland;) More and more I am liking the idea of a minimal collection of clothing using beautiful and varied accessories to change up the looks.

  3. Hi Deborah, I love your blog and have been reading through old posts since finding you on instagram (@style_moi) a few months ago. Your style is fabulous and a look that I am sort of evolving into, as I work through the stuff that is in my wardrobe. More recently I've been thinking of ways to use my social work skills in a different environment and always seem to come back to the ideas around support for people to de clutter their lives. Which wardrobe seems to be a big part of and is something that can effect us on so many levels. Your words today have helped me to formalize this new a bit more in my head and begin to more things forward.

    1. Jenni thanks for the kind words, I am really enjoying your insta account and following your style evolution:) I am not a trained social worker but am basically a community worker (for many years in a variety of roles) and totally connect with your thoughts about supporting people to de clutter their lives, starting via their wardrobes. I do think that how we present ourselves says a great deal about how we see and feel about ourselves and assisting women to build confidence in themselves is a huge step in them moving forward in other areas of life. I would love to hear more as your develop your ideas. xx

  4. I really think I need to take up on this advice because my wardrobe is home to clothes I don't need or wear. I’m a working Mum; I wear jeans and t-shirts and maxi dresses in the summer. I own flip-flops and trainers do maybe it is time to get on down and sort out both my style and my wardrobe!

    1. Hi Angela, Sorry for the delayed response. How did you go? Did you start working through your closet? It's a process and it can take time, hope you are making some progress xxx

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  8. You may wish to proof read before publishing. "I do regular a regular [regular a regular?] 'pop up boutique' in my home. I was able to recoup some of my money and see my clothing go to a good homes [a good homes?].

    When I did loose [lose] weight (and I did) the clothing I was holding on to was either no longer interesting to me or didn't fit me properly. Often when we loose [lose] weight our shape is not as it was before, so those items were also either sold or donated."