Sunday, 3 March 2013

Cool Blue

Ink Blue is not an easy colour to find in clothing at the moment.  It has experienced some popularity over the Northern Hemisphere's Autumn/Winter but not a lot to found here ... yet!

It's a great alternative to black, works well with black and is a little softer on my fair features.

Layered Blouse - Local Boutique
Skinny Jeans - Kmart
Wooden Wedged Heel Peep Toe Booties - Rubi Shoes

The blouse adds quite a bit of interest to the outfit so accessories are kept to a minimum.

xxx Deborah


  1. Fantastic shaping on that top. I like seeing navy or ink blue and black together.

    1. Thank you Odyssey. Blue and black has become a preferred colour combination but it's not as easy to find interesting ink coloured pieces as it is black.

  2. Hmm.. love this outfit. I found you through 40+Style and I am browsing through your posts. Really like this one.

    1. Thank you Greetje. I do love this blouse, it was an unexpected find. I also discovered you via 40+ Style.. snap.