Friday, 1 March 2013

A Work In Progress

As an avid reader of fashion and style blogs, it does appear that many blogs are a work in progress!  From meager beginnings we hone our skills, fine tuning the blog and finally creating a well edited and stylish product.  I would love this blog to be utter perfection from day one but then where would the fun be?  

Oversized Top - Supre
Skinny Jeans - Katies
Shooties - Rivers
Bag: Stella McCartney for Target

Clearly this blog is in it's infancy, as I grapple with photography, blog layout, etc. So please excuse the inconsistencies and forgive me for, from time to time, adopting things I see in other fabulous blogs.  One of my favourite blogs inspired me to try out a different photo location and have a bit of fun in front of the camera for today's post.  I'm sure you can guess who, but if not check out my blog roll, and may she forgive me...The do say imitation is sincerest form of flattery.

Today's outfit is what I refer to as a fast fallback outfit (FFBO).  Something you know works and is quick and easy to throw on when you have slept in and can't be late.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Lorelle! The things we do when no-one's home:)

  2. I often make improvements/changes on my blog, tweaking things as it evolves over time. That's part of the process of blogging, I think.
    To answer your question about color (thanks for your comment): Yes, sometimes I would like to add a colored dress (grounded by black shoes/boots of course). I have my sights set on a certain hue, so we shall see.

    1. Odyssey, thanks for responding to my question:). I will be watching as I'm intrigued as to what colour you would add. And ofcourse your blog is a great source of inspiration. The simplicity of the layout makes it a visual feast:)

  3. I am glad I'm not the only one with a go-to black uniform! My Uni lectures are no longer recorded this year and I can't afford to be late because I haven't slept much and can't decide what to wear.

    This is great! I'm always a fan of skinny bottoms and a non-fitted top.

    I've been trying to improve my blog too. It's hard, but I always have fun making small improvements and changes :)

    1. GlassOrganelle, it is liberating to know that you can throw something on on a hurry and look good and stylish without too much effort.

  4. I keep forgetting my great outfits I can just throw on. Really annoying.
    This outfit looks very good on you. I am beginning to suspect that black is your favourite colour?
    As for blogging: I am a beginner as well. Just started in November 2012. But with lots of energy and changes. Eventually we will get there. I am sure.
    I started to post every day for a month. Really exhausting. Then three times a week, then one time and back to two times a week. As you say it is fun to try out.

    1. Greetje, yes black is definitely my favourite colour and the foundation for my wardrobe. For a beginner your blog looks great. I am struggling with photos as my equipment is very very basic. Hoping to upgrade soon tho. I am limiting my outfit posts to twice weekly as with work and family the pressure to do more is too great. Great to know it's a shared journey.