Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Sometimes comfort trumps figure flattery.  And Saturday was one of those days.  For most of my adult life, I have focussed on enhancing the positives and playing down my full bust. However as I become older, (hopefully) wiser, and perhaps more at peace with my body, there are days when simply being comfortable in, and happy with, what I am wearing is enough. 

oversized top : kmart
ponte skinny pants : target
booties : rivers
clutch : myer

Light colours on my top half do tend to accentuate my bust and can make me look a little bigger than I am.  BUT I love this silvery grey marle top, and it's the weekend with nothing to do but some general running around, and housework, so in this instance I am happy to sacrifice a little figure flattery.

nail polish : lacura 103 (purple)
this is one coat, needs two

Is figure flattery always at the forefront of your mind when dressing, or are there times when you  allow yourself a reprieve and not worry too much?

xxx Deborah


  1. Hi Deborah,
    I love the comfortable relaxed look of this outfit. The colours together are lovely.
    Have a fabulous day

    1. Hi Wendy, Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. Just checked out your blog post for today, I love your jacket. Heading over now to read more.

  2. Deborah, this is a great casual look. I really admire the sleekness and simplicity of your style. The overall look is always interesting, yet appears effortless.

    I too sometimes put comfort above figure flattery but I have to say that I think this outfit IS flattering.

  3. Wow!! Love this ensemble.
    Figure-flattering: I don't worry about it. The clothing I wear tends to visually elongate the body, so...

    1. I usually wear larger tops because of the ample breasts but I prefer comfort.
      Growing up in Puerto Rico I was told to dress sexy all the time and when I refuse to I was then told that I dress like a religious person??? Because I was cover up instead of have all of my bits and pieces out.

  4. I think this is a beautiful casual outfit! The accessories are perfect and I like the interesting cut of the top. Great purse and boots.

    I find casual is hardest for me to do in a stylish manner. I do colored jeans with a sweater in winter and a dresses in the summer. Not to exciting, but comfortable.

    blue hue wonderland