Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Grey... Part Two

Work has got the better of me and I have had little time to blog, so to make up for it here are a couple of outfits since we last met.

Grey and black has been my preferred palette recently.

oversized grey sweater : supre
fleur de lis jeans : target
black patent booties : rivers

And there is more grey to come!  Bought a gorgeous drapey tunic in a soft grey today. Hope to show you soon.

forest scene sleeveless top : target
long tail cardigan : luka
asymetric skirt : kmart
booties : rivers

Thanks for dropping by and hope you are having a stylish week :)

xxx Deborah


  1. Very pretty and modern. Of course I love your haircut and color especially with the delicate drop earrings.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. Thank you Ann. Having gone a little shorter with hair not long ago, I have really been enjoying keeping my accessories to a minimum but wearing statement-ish drop earrings. I really only have a couple of pairs but am on the lookout for more:)

  2. There are weeks when work appears to take over leaving no time for blogging.
    I don't think that I have ever told you: I love your hair!
    It goes so well with your modern and sleek style.
    Have a great week as well,

    1. Bless you Ofelia. You are always so encouraging and I appreciate that. I have a fab hair stylist who really knows how to cut my hair:)

  3. Your hairstyle is fabulous, I really love it and it is perfect for you and your style.
    I have similar black printed trousers - currently hidden in my closet until autumn!

    Lady of Style

  4. Annette, the black printed pants with a fleur de lis and paisley style patterns seem to be in all our stores at the moment, though I have not seem many 'on the street' so to speak. I look forward to seeing you wear yours.

  5. I just found your blog and am totally excited about your style. Very tastefully chosen.
    I love your hairstyle.

    Greetings from Germany
    Dana :)