Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I love stripes on others but only have a few items with stripes that I enjoy the look of on moi.
This is one of them.  

Asymetric hem top : kmart
skirt : target
booties : rivers

I bought this skirt last year after seeing the this Bailey 44 Tiered Striped Dress from Anthropology.  I tried an Aussie version of the dress but I found it was just "too much" on short me, so I was quite pleased when I came across this skirt at our Target.  It was orginally a midi length and it languished in the wardrobe for a while until I I took to the already raw edged hem with the scissors and shortened it.  Now it is in regular rotation!

I find the diagonal stripes a little more interesting than horizontal stripes and they have a very flattering effect.   The overlapping is a nice touch and again adds interest and visual texture.

coat : limited editions
bag : equip
pendant : gift from hubby

Thanks for dropping by.

xxx Deborah


  1. You look very nice in this skirt/outfit. The skirt is the perfect length, good cutting skills!

  2. What a great coat with your outfit and the light colored bag is a good contrast. Good idea to shorten the skirt and the necklace is lovely. You are looking classic and well dressed.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. The skirt does look very flattering on you and the entire outfit is very sophisticate!
      Shortening the skirt was a great idea.

  3. Hello, Deborah. So nice to meet you! I see you comment at Beverly's, and thought I'd drop in.
    Regarding style, I much rather be you than me! I'm loving your black and white period, and identify with much of your thinking out loud regarding your choices. It's the process that's interesting as much as the result. Or, it may be that I'm just nosy!
    I'm a late adopter as well. Some of it is that I live in the back side of Nowhere, but some of it is that I'm just slow to decide whether I really like things.
    And if you're going to just have a few stripes in your wardrobe, you could not have chosen better than this skirt ... even the little peep of it we see is high sophistication!
    Will read your blog with interest.

    1. Hi Jan, Thanks for your lovely and thoughtful comment. Good to get to know you also. I appreicate you comment re taking time to decide if you like something. I am like that and rarely jump on the band wagon just because everyone else is. I think its really important to question how something works with our existing wardrobe and also if it reflects our personal style. I am off to check out your blog:) I love connecting with fellow bloggers and style lovers, thank so much for dropping by. Oh.. and I love Beverley's style too. xx Deborah

  4. Sometimes you just have to use the scissors.. ;) I've done it to a few items I own.

  5. Mrs. Deborah,

    I have a fashion blog attempt

    and an album in Pinterest on mature fashion

    I saw your nice blog and would like to use any photos of her outfits. I like your style. Would use them always in a respectful manner and quoting its blog. You authorize me?

    Best regards.

    Josep-Maria Badia
    Tarragona (Spain)

    1. Joseph-Maria, thank you so much for viewing my blog. I do read your blog and enjoy it very much. I would be very flattered if you were to use some of my outfit photos, so yes you have my permission. Again thank you, and I will continue to enjoy your blog. Warm regards, Deborah

    2. Thanks Deborah, I love your style. I will use your photos, always elegant and respectful way, linking to your blog or quoting. Today hang some pictures of you in my options and put a link to your blog on mine. When using pictures of you in my blog'll let you know, but would be easier if I had your e-mail, mine have it on my blog. Congratulations for your beautiful blog.

    3. Thank you Josep-Maria, I will email you my contact details:)