Sunday, 14 July 2013


Reading a lot of blogs, as I do, is exciting and inspiring and I can find myself thinking I should  try that, or what great colours, I should wear colour AND then blogging and posting outfit photos has me thinking should I provide more variety, are my friends sick of seeing grey, black and white?   This then leads to the question of authenticity.  Do I dress for me, or for everyone else.  Essentially, do I dress to be someone/something I am not.

moto jacket : brown sugar
oversized sweater : supre
ponte leggings : target
suede boots : rivers

I was reminded of two blog posts I have read recently.  One from une femme d'un certain age
and this one from Odyssey (scroll down, it's the post from 11/4/13)

Rouched Double Zip Jacket
- currently on sale at Brown Sugar

I appreciate this quote from une femme d'un certain age "I may not be able to define precisely my own authentic style, but I know it when I slip it on. It feels like a powerful second skin. I enjoy experimenting and trying new looks, and in that process have learned that I’ve hit my authentic zone when it never feels like trying too hard"

I would have to agree, I know I have strayed from my true 'style persona' when I feel uncomfortable and/or conspicuous.  I actually feel like I am playing dress ups, just like when as a child I would dress up and in my mum's clothes.

So I trust you will forgive the repetition of my limited colour palette, my frequent wearing of  draped and oversized tops, my love for skinny jeans and pants, and my desire to create unstructured structure in every outfit.  Of course there is the occasional colour (I do love cobalt, navy and red) and there are times when the occasion calls for something different, and I like to flirt with the classics, and from time to time there will be some experimentation, but I promise you, what you see is I strive (in this instance stylewise) to be a first rate version of myself :)

xxx Deborah


  1. Wonderful post, your comments ring so true. I think striving to wear what feels like second skin is the goal. Wearing the effortless outfit is the best.

    The zip up jacket is great with is outfit and your necklace and ring accent your style beautifully. You are great at the unstructured structure and as long as it's feels right for you, I'm happy to see it on your blog.

    blue hue wonderland

  2. Authenticity is most important for me.
    I follow the blog "Bittersweet colours". Veronica combines the brightest colours (except on her recent post...)and patterns. I would never wear that but it is her style and it looks great on her.
    I am not a jeans & sneakers girl and "casual" often doesn't really work for me.

    Please continue showing us your personal style in black, that's why I am following you, Deborah and I love it!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  3. I love your style and never tire of seeing the grey, black and white. You have found what works and are true to it...I find that timeless :)


    1. Yeah, Deborah! Yeah for you, I follow, read and comment on your blog because; it's all you!
      It's not my colorful me and it's not a vintage someone else. Is you.
      I really like this double zipper jacket and the very structural necklace.
      Have a great week,

  4. Hi Deborah,

    Your style is stunning and effortless and no matter what 'they' say, its about feeling comfortable in ourselves.

    I love the length of your jacket - I have not seen any moto jackets here with that length and it would be better for my shape to wear that length.

    Wishing you a stunning week
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  5. Thank you for your very encouraging comments. I love being able to share my style with you and have you share yours with me. I find it stimulting to interact with so many stylish women, all with their own unique style signatures, and all who are 'real' women wearing their outfits in the 'real' world.

  6. Your style is beautiful, Deborah. I love your looks black, gray, ... It's your personality, your way of being, and they get to be elegant and attractive. I think some color would look good, but it is a very personal decision, you should feel good about it. If you're not comfortable, you will notice in the photos. The style is personality, and in your looks, you show that you have a great personality.

  7. Thank you for your lovely comments and encouragement. I love being able to share my style with you, as you share yours with me. It is really wonderful to interact with others who share a love of fashion and demonstrate their own unique style and signature.

  8. Sometimes I feel people get too caught up in trying to define their own style, as if they're trying to dress to fit a label, rather than dressing more organically. I think a label is less important than feeling pleased in what you're wearing. And of course I will always have a soft spot for the black/white/grey wardrobe!

    That jacket looks fantastic on you :)

  9. Thanks for the mention, you are very kind!
    As for your style repetition, limited color palette, etc - there's nothing to forgive. :) It's your style and you own it. And as you know, black combos rule my world.