Tuesday, 9 July 2013


I like cullotes!  I can't recall a time in my adult life when they have been particularly trendy or fashionable but they do seem to sit on the fringe of mainstream fashion and make an appearance every now and again.

moto jacket : portmans
blouse : target
culottes : yarra trail
skinny belt : ?
boots : rivers
necklace : gift from Master 10

I prefer them as a winter garment and love the look of tall boots with them.  Culottes can walk the line between looking stylish, edgy and modern or just downright frumpy.  Here's hoping I have managed the former.

Trust you are having a stylish week.
xxx Deborah


  1. I think the culottes look stylish on you! I remember wearing them too and I like how they felt when you move. I do enjoy the cut of this jacket and your necklace is a great accent. Your hair is looking especially great today!

    blue hue wonderland

  2. Deborah, if anyone can wear them, it's you! Very stylish and well put together. Another very sophisticated look.
    I agree with Ann, your hair is gorgeous again.

    Lady of Style

  3. They look absolutely contemporary with your styling! Just a wider leg crop, yes? Peep of orange-yellow under the tuck, wedge boots (so perfect!) modern necklace, and very modern white watch ... all of the minute touches. Lovely. Wear them anywhere.

  4. Wow, thank you! Ann and Annette my hair is desperately due for a colour / refresh :)

    Ann, they do feel lovely to wear. They are a winter weight and therefore the fall of the fabric is lovely as is the feel of the garment.

    Jan, thank you, Good way of thinking about it, a wider leg crop. And thanks for the encouragement, I really do need to wear them more, I just need to come up with some more styling options.

    1. You do make them look stylish without any frumpiness in sight!
      I had a pair of black ones with white stripes from Target that I wore until it was time to lay to rest in the Salvation Army donation bags.

  5. I like these pants, I think you are great. I love the all black ensembles, are simple and elegant. I like your boots, your collar and your belt. I like the outfit without the jacket. Someday, you will look to us in your photos? Would be nice.

    1. Thank you Josep-Maria:) I am a little camera shy, but will see what I cand do :)