Saturday, 21 September 2013


Apologies for my silence!  The past two weeks have been hectic and fun and exciting.  Our Fashion Week events were a huge success. The Fashion Parade mentioned in my previous post was spectacular.  It was a first class event and I feel so privileged to be involved and to have worked with such a team of people with such a vast range of experience and expertise.

To make up for my absence, here's a couple of recent outfits.

boyfriend blazer : target
cross over shirt : target
jacquard pant : target
open toe wedge : rubi
earrings : killians walk boutique

Last Thursday night, one of my roles was MC of our event.  I decided to go for something streamlined and simple.  Black and white with a hint of colour.

And the following day I commenced a short term styling contract at our large shopping complex, so again I chose to maintain a simple formula, keeping things streamlined, flat shoes for comfort (3 hours on my feet),  the same blouse as the previous evening and a repeat of the earrings for a spot of colour.

blazer : table eight
cross over top : target
skinny pants : target
boots : rivers

The only downside to this job is the temptation to shop for myself at the end of the session.  I did come home the first evening with a new jacket, which I will show you in my next post.  I'm going to have to exercise some serious restraint.

Thanks for dropping by, and this week's post is my first attempt to link with Not Dead Yet Style for Patti's Visible Monday.  

Have a great week.

xxx Deborah


  1. You look fantastic as usual :)

    Your Target must be exceptional! I've never seen clothes like yours at our Target :(


  2. I always regret we don't have Target here in Germany!
    I especially love your black&white look and recently rediscovered my love for black. Your orange dash of colour is great.
    Glad you had a rewarding time at your Fashion Week!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  3. Both of these outfits are so chic! I love that crossover top.

  4. Deborah, you looked Fab for the fashion parade!

  5. Lovely outfits! The collar of the shirt and the blazer looks great together.

    Congratulations on your styling contract!

  6. Hi Deborah! I've been thinking of you often as I'm out looking at the new winter styles, many classic yet dramatic styles that I know you would like. I love the white crossover top, I think it works beautifully with both outfits. I purchased the same jacquard pant at Target. The gray jacket is lovely and the lapels give it drama. These outfits are a great example of how to take affordable items and combine them in a smart way to create a posh outcome!

    blue hue wonderland

  7. Perfect. Both outfits. I do so love your coral earrings with these outfits. And I am a jacket lover, so I am really enjoying this. Great jackets.

  8. Love your classic looks. They are timeless.

  9. Welcome to Visible Monday! These are chic, classic outfits and you look wonderful. So smart.

  10. Link up success! I love the crossover blouse. Many crossover lower and things start looking all awkward. This one looks just right. Very classic and chic look.

  11. As always, your minimal elegance just works so well. You look so polished and together, always. Effortless ... I never manage that. The drape on that white blouse is beautiful on you. It's going to be "all about the blazer" for me until I find the navy one I seek! The good thing is that I just found a great fitting black, single button blazer by Philosophy by Republic.
    Are you excited about spring arriving?

  12. I love these classic looks. I am going to have to remember to try adding the pop of color in an accessory like you've done here.

  13. I love it. Another beautiful black and white look, and a look amazon, beautiful. The design is cute white blouse, with the asymmetrical cut. The second look I love, with that nice jacket and those amazing boots. Your photos have improved, I'm glad. I like the color details, ears, nails and lips.

  14. Your bits of red are quite a nice touch. Well done!

  15. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

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  16. wow, love the cross over shirt from Target! It's amazing how far Target has come with their clothing line.