Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Meet The Designers / Two

I had the pleasure, last week, of meeting young local designer Angus McCormack.  Angus is doing his final year at secondary school and is working hard to ensure a career in fashion design.

Over the past two years, Angus has had the opportunity at his school to study Production Design and Technology, Studio Arts and Visual Communications, further encouraging and supporting his love of design.  Having shown his work in last year's student parade, his designs are to be featured at this year's Bendigo Renault Fashion Week.

Designer, Angus McCormack wearing a tshirt he designed for his collection in 2012

Creative and artistically inclined since he was very young, a number of his teachers, over the years, have nurtured Angus's love of design. With a love of sculpture and an appreciation for architecture, it's not surprising that Angus cites the late Alexander McQueen as one of his favourite designers, explaining that the combination of controversy, pattern and art is what particularly appeals to him.  Versace is also a favourite for his love of colour. 

On a local level, Angus is a great admirer of the work of RMIT graduates, Sarah Schofield and Toni Maticevski and hopes to attend RMIT himself in 2015 to study a Bachelor of Fashion Design.

Angus will be showing his designs under the name Bâch & Kůnst, which is derived from his full name and the German word for 'art', 'kunst'.  As the photos show, Angus's designs are creative and expressive with a considered touch of drama.

The dress in the photos was shown last year in the Student show and communicates a strong sense of theatre, particularly with the 'spikey' headpiece also designed by Angus. I believe this design will be included on the runway for Bendigo Renault Fashion Week, along with some new designs.

Thank you to Angus for allowing me to use his photos.

It is always exciting to meet new designers and Angus demonstrates not only a wonderful sense of creativity, but a passion and focus not often found in someone of his age.  I suggest he will be someone to watch in the coming years.  In the meantime, if you would like to see his current collection, tickets for the parade are available at $10.00 each from Reception  @ the Bendigo Advertiser at 4-51 Queen Street, Bendigo.  Seats are limited :)

Hope to see you there.

xxx Deborah


  1. Fun post! Thanks for sharing it! I love to read about new designers.

  2. Great to hear about young, enthusiastic designers!
    Next week my daughter will start her foundation year at London College of Fashion and couldn't be more exited. Her aim is the styling, communication, journalism field but surely she will be in the middle of this young designer scene.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  3. Fun to see you writing and showing us a young designer. Being a young creative person long ago, I know how meaningful this is to be seen. The show sounds inspiring!

    blue hue wonderland

  4. Very interesting, good to see what this emerging designer is creating!

  5. On October 9, in Germany is starting the new show "Fashion Hero" with Claudia Schiffer as the mentor of young designer talents. It´s like the "project runway" in America. They all will show us their designs, I´m very excited and can´t wait till it starts.

    Have a wonderful week