Sunday, 20 October 2013

Black & White

The warm weather is making a very slow arrival this year.  Teasing us with the odd day of high temperature, mingled among mostly cooler days.  Today we reached 31 degrees so it seemed like an opportune time to try out some new summer pieces.

sleeveless jacket /vest : zara
sleeveless drape top : katies
classic pant : katies
animal print wedge heels ; corelli

All items are new with the exception of the shoes.  The Zara vest was purchased online and I am reasonably satisfied with it.  It has a sheer panel down each side and one across the back adding an interesting detail to what is essentially a very simple garment.  This purchase was inspired by Beverly over at Beverly Like Hills.  Hers has a lovely rounded hem line and I have loved each combination I have seen her wear it in.

White pants are something I have always steered clear of, but they are such a fresh and crisp look for the warm weather, and a nice alternative to black, that I am 'getting over' my aversion of wearing white 'bottoms' and giving it a go.  The sleeveless drape top features a faux cross over that seemingly 'rolls' up under the hem of the top.  I am seeing this everywhere at the moment, and am keen to snap up a few tops like this as I find them very flattering.  They are simple but the added interest of the drape is very appealing and easy to wear.

Accessories have been kept to a minimum, simple silver necklace, white watch and silver hoop earrings complete the look.

Trust you all have a wonderful week, thanks for dropping by.

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xxx Deborah


  1. I love black and white . You look absolutely gorgeus :)

  2. This is a gorgeous outfit! I love it and you look amazing in it! Would love to find something similar in the top and vest!

  3. Nice vest, and I love the look with white pants.

  4. I love everything wrapped and draped! Black and white will always be one of my favourite choices.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  5. I love black and white together. This set is great, I really like the jacket and blouse, and I love shoes. A nice look.

  6. i really like this crisp look! I'm about to make a few purchases from Zara myself and may have to check out this vest :) I like longer lengths since I tend to wear skinny pants and think this would just be amazing! Love it and your whole look you put together!

  7. I like this look so much. The top looks comfortable and the back is stylish and interesting. I think the white pants do look fresh and crisp. I know what you mean about white pants, I'm finally giving up my aversion to them also. You are so good at adding just the right amount of accessories. I enjoy that you don't overdo the amount of pieces, so many people do. Your shoes are so perfect!

    blue hue wonderland

  8. Beautiful outfit in classic black and white. I love a white pant any time of year.

  9. Loving the black and white! And the drape top is lovely- soft and feminine but fitted enough to be flattering. That is the perfect shade of red for you on the lippy, too.

  10. I love the simplicity of this outfit. I really like the drape of the top and the layers of black with a great back. Your necklace is the perfect finishing touch!

  11. Beautifully stylish and clean look. You're so lucky with the in the UK it is raining nonstop!

  12. You made a great choice with those white pants ... excellent aversion to get rid of, 'cause you look great in them! Pretty tops!

  13. Love love love black & white, so simple & chic yet the details in each piece creates interest.

    Did you buy from Zara website? I'm curious what the experience was like and how you got it shipped to Australia?

  14. Sleek casual ensemble - good look. That necklace is the perfect choice of jewelry!