Saturday, 19 April 2014


The last three weeks have been busy and life, school holidays and a week of being unwell has meant blogging had to take a back seat.  Well I have missed you and I'm back!

And I would like to introduce you to a clothing range that is fast becoming a favourite.

I have been aware of Metalicus for a number of years and always liked what I saw.  Recently a friend of mine wore their Plaza Drape Dress and I knew it was the 'little black dress' I had been dreaming of ....forever!   This dress is amazing.  I was a little skeptical of the 'one size' fit but the dress fits perfectly.  The fabric is beautiful and it washes well on a gentle cycle in a laundry bag.  So far I have worn it out to dinner and also to work.  For dinner I wore it with bare legs and heeled sandals and for work, I have worn the dress with leggings and booties.  Upon adding this dress to my wardrobe, a number of other dresses have since departed as the quality and versatility of this dress rendered the others redundant. 

Metalicus describe their brand as a 'niche fashion brand" with a unique stretch fabrication, which provides versatility to any woman's wardrobe.  Their garments have an ease, comfort and ability to create their own look through different layering and styling.  Most garments are 'one size' and the fabrics and designs are just beautiful.  
They very much fit my style aesthetic, a lot of black and neutrals, drape, asymmetry, layers and structure.
My wishlist is growing and I currently have my eye on this gorgeous  "Gable Tank" tunic in black.

Also on my wishlist is the Wrap Long Sleeve Drape Dress, in a lovely knit, cowl neck asymmetric hemline, followed by the Copenhagen Drape Tank.

Unfortunately they do not have a store near me but their online service is excellent and they do ship outside of Australia.  

I look forward to showing you this dress in action very soon.

xxx Deborah

Please note this is not a sponsored post. 

A special thank you to Grechen from  Grechen's Closet for the very kind mention on her blog.
If you haven't read Grechen's blog before, do head over and check it out.  She has great style and is a thoughtful commentator.


  1. My most favorite dress and brand :) I've just picked up the Plaza in grey and that is just as versatile. Can't wait to try the drape wrap dress just gorgeous :)

    1. Hi Debra, I hope you know you are the 'friend' I refer to in the post! That dress looks SO good on you I had to have it. I haven't see the grey, I will have to chase it up. Right now I feel if it's the only dress I owned I would be perfectly satisfied:) The drape wrap dress does look amazing but I may have to stalk it through to sale time! The Plaza Dress has sold out online (unless they have recently restocked):(

  2. Just the designs I love and will look online. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for sharing these terrific styles with Visible Monday!

  4. I'm sorry you've been feeling pukey and had to be busy all the time you were. Hope you're feeling better, but I'm reassured that your thoughts are turning back to style! Must be feeling better! And it hasn't affected your wonderful eye for shapes. Can't wait to see! (that Gable Tank Dress knocks me out!)

  5. Ha ha, it is a wonderful dress, Im a bit scared I will wear mine out now. Lucky I purchased a second :)