Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mixed Media

The mixed media trend has been popular for a while and one that I have found quite appealing.  Because my colour palette is very neutral, I do enjoy adding and ,playing with texture for interest, so the mixed media concept seemed a natural inclusion to my wardrobe.

I set out initially to find a ponte/leather legging which resulted in my bringing home a pair of ponte/faux leather/suede Zara leggings.  It's only just cooling down here and I have worn them twice this week, and I am loving them.    They are comfortable.  I had to size up to a 
Large for two reasons.  I didn't want them skin tight and I generally find Zara sizing to be 
smaller than true Australian sizing.

I require my clothes to go almost everywhere and these, with the right styling, will work for casual, work and "dressed up" occasions.  

Anyone else embracing mixed media?


I am linking up with the very stylish Patti @ Not Dead Yet Style so do pop over and check out all the other fab bloggers joining her this week.


  1. The leather pants are beautiful, and I love the asymmetrical sweater. Wonderful look with few complications.

  2. Where did you find your asymmetricla sweater ? beautiful

    1. Hi Anonymous, the top is from Australian store "Cotton On" :)

  3. Gorgeous minimalist look! I do like to mix my fabrics when I wear 1 tone and especially when it's all black, otherwise I feel like it's very flat. This is a gorgeous look and those pants are fabulous!
    xo ~kim (and chloe)

  4. I love mixed media and get very excited by seeing variations of it. I love your outfit, it's just the kind of outfit I would wear but I live in Qld - too hot for gorgeous winter clothes! I also look for clothes that take me "everywhere" rather than special outfits for special occasions. Love your style.

  5. Love this, I been missing your posts! I've been trying on legging just like these and wondering what kind of top to wear with them. This is a great solution, to add drape on the top. So good with the simple hoop earrings and red lip color. Your hair looks great too.

    blue hue wonderland

  6. There's nothing better than leather leggings (well almost, I do love a leather jacket!). The ponte nicely breaks up the leather, which as you've said really helps make them work in a variety of situations. And as always, you look lovely!

  7. Awesome outfit! Love it from head to toe. Very edgy and stylish.
    Your haircut fits perfect to you and the red lipstick is just wonderful.

    have a nice week

  8. So chic! Minimalist but with lots of interest. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  9. The mixed media look really is fabulous for your style and the added ruffle with the topper adds another great visual element! I have coated black jeans I need to get out and style for a date night!!!

  10. I absolutely love this look:) you look fabulous :) have a nice week Beata

  11. Heck, yes! This is...perfection.

  12. You look gorgeous! I was just eyeing off a similar pair last week and now I'm kicking myself for not getting them. Rachel xx

  13. Really sleek. Given your love of neutrals, you have an astonishing amount of variation in the vibe and flavor of your looks. That's real Style. Yes, the capital "S" kind.
    And you are my red-lip role model. You look so good in red lippy. I just can't make it work like you do! I know it's all in what the eye is used to, but all my eyes can say is "YIKES!" and poor things crease and snap shut in fear and repulsion

  14. You look absolutely gorgeous in that get-up! Leather pants are indeed very versatile, and matches really well with other clothes, especially with prints. This is the perfect minimalist look everyone can wear almost anywhere. Thanks for this suggestion!

    Peter @ Colourlock