Sunday, 15 June 2014

Space Age

I did promise different boots in my previous post!

sweater : supre
ponte leggings : target
boots : nine west
cherry blossom earrings : gift from my lovely YLF friend jayne
leather wrap bracelent : adele's shoe gallery
hair : c/- my new stylist emily @  hairem scarem

I wear boots daily during the cooler months and therein lies my justification for having a few "cough" many pairs.

These are my most recent purchase.  They are 'Bogie' by Nine West, part of their American Vintage collection.  I like the look of some metallic footwear and the pewter tone is quite subtle, works well with black and bookends my hair. They were a steal and are still available here but only a few sizes are left.

Couldn't decide if they looked space age or American cowboy so I'm going with space cowboy!!  Regardless they are very comfortable boots, nice soft leather and I am enjoying wearing them.

Are boots an important part of your wardrobe?

xxx Deborah

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  1. Love the boots! Wish I lived where the weather was cooler so I could wear them more look great!

  2. Very cool boots! Love the color, so great with your hair which is looking pretty in the light blonde. I have boots, really need them because it get so cold here in MN in the winter.

    blue hue wonderland

  3. Deborah you always find the pieces with the best drape! Love the space cowboy boots - booties are almost all I wear on my feet four months a year.

  4. Love your "space cowboy" boots. I'll try not to whine, but this shoe loving gal's option for footwear is getting slimmer and slimmer and boots are one of things that are stylish but still comfortable. We had a cool day here in Idaho and I'm wearing my Nicole cut out boots right now
    . Oh I'll probably wear them on a hot day...

  5. Yup! Space Cowgirl, actually, was my first thought. Speaking of space, you're entitled by cosmic law to as many pairs of boots as are necessary. And you are the sole adjudicator of that decision.
    Very, very cool and very, very great on you!

  6. Love the boots! I have a pair of pewter boots and I wear them so often I am wishing I bought a second, backup pair for when these wear out.

  7. Thanks so much for the kind comments!

    Pam, I could not live in a climate that was warm most of the year, it would totally cause havoc in my wardrobe:)

    Ann, missing your blog!! Nice to see you. I used to wear only black footwear but the lighter tones can be really nice against lighter hair. Do you wear white, taupe, light boots??

    Jamie, same! I will be in boots now until at least end of September... if I am lucky it will be longer.

    oopsgirl, comfort is key in m opinion. As I get older I have less tolerance for things that are not comfortable or don't' fit properly.

    Jan, permission accepted to own as many boots as I want. Nothing like someone else's enabling.. thank you.

    Jean, would love to see your boots. And I feel the same way about my black wedge heel ankle booties. I keep asking myself if I should have actually invested in a second pair.

  8. So enjoy your ever so chic style!