Friday, 20 June 2014


According to one article I read recently, the poncho "has become a widespread aesthetic offense" and is "unsightly".  Well, I like them! 

poncho : local store, no label
tunic : spicysugar via birdsnest
ponte leggings : target
boots : target
bag : things terrific

My poncho preferences are black, simple and no fringe.  Given my penchant for all black outfits, I like to add texture for interest so this knit poncho came home with me recently.  What I like about the poncho is it's a great garment for layering with, it's fluid, it's warm and I can throw it over almost anything.  If it's good enough for's good enough for me!

Poncho anyone?

xxx Deborah
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  1. LOVE THAT PONCHO!!!! but i do like a good poncho...the only one i have is rather short though, which makes it less than ideal for lots of things, but not totally lost...they were "back" several years ago here and all over the place, but for some strange reason the only one i bought was orange. can you believe it?? and it had fringe. that was more than several years ago...7-8 probably :)

  2. I love my ponchos, always will. You look awesome.

  3. Indeed, a wardrobe of black has endless versatility, as you can play with the basic elements - texture, shape, etc. I keep scrolling up to look at that awesome shoulder bag! Side note, I'd like to see more of your decor, it looks so sleek yet inviting. And you asked how I keep my dishtowels white: Try adding an aspirin or two to the wash. It works but I don't know why. To remove light stains, mix and apply a paste of baking soda and peroxide. Also there is OxiClean, if you have that available where you live. When all else fails, a little bleach.. :)

    1. Thanks Odyssey, ad for the info on keeping the dishtowels white! I had never heard of using asprin like this but will give it a go:) And I have been thinking of doing a post on my home décor so thanks for the encouragement. My home is pretty streamlined and no fuss with the odd dramatic piece:)

  4. I love ponchos, kimonos, capes, drapes, and so on. You look great in black by the way!

  5. I love ponchos too! Always have. The texture on that one is fabulous!

  6. I say yes! to ponchos, and you look fab in this one. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  7. Love the fact that you have your own signature look by sticking with mostly black. Black is always chic and your different twists on it are great! Cherie at

  8. Well, darling, there are ponchos and then there are ponchos. I agree. I like them too, and this very sleek and modern approach is so flattering and cool that you present the most effective response to the opinion. Probably said by a 20 something in an anorak. The knit outerwear one is art. And you look quite lovely and so smart. Style smart and savvy smart!