Sunday, 6 July 2014


I find it difficult to play favourites in my wardrobe!  As I have honed my style and farewelled many items, new pieces are being carefully considered and only allowed in if they tick all my boxes.
I could easily wear this dress daily!

The dress is the Short Sleeve Plaza Drape Dress by Metalicus.  It is a viscose/elastane blend and the fabric is substantial, and has just the right amount of stretch.  I shared the dress with you in my Metalicus post but this is the first outfit post featuring it.  By the time I had decided I wanted the dress, it had sold out almost everywhere in the black.  I finally found it at a boutique in Sydney where the lovely owner took my purchase over the phone and mailed the dress to me.
blazer : katies
dress : metalicus
suede boots : rivers
This is the dress as worn for the office in quite a conservative styling.   While it definitely has a dressy vibe with the gorgeous drape, it can be dressed up or down quite easily.  As with much of their range, the dress is transeasonal and can be worn alone or layered over.
The suede boots would not be my perfect choice for this outfit, but I hadn't received my new leather boots at the time, which I would now wear instead of these.
Long story short... I am besotted with this dress, so do expect to see more of it. 

Do you have an item like this in your wardrobe at the moment?  One that you have to stop yourself reaching for too often?  And how much trouble do you go to, to find that desired piece?
xxx Deborah
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  1. That`s a stylish, well fitting dress.

  2. That is a beautiful dress, glad you managed to track it down! Love the way it drapes, and it's really nice with the blazer.

  3. Amazing draping! I love the architecture of it. Hadn't heard of that brand before but now they'll be on my radar.

  4. This dress is incredible and fits you like it was made just for you! Love it! I have a few items in my wardrobe that I love and are me, but I am really seeking to find pieces like this which really make a chic, classic, strong statement!

  5. Best combination. Boots, draped dress, blazer and a silver necklace. You look very sharp.

  6. This is a very stylish piece, I can see why you love it. My current obsession are shirt dresses. We've had some lovely sunny days this week so I have been either 'glamming' them up for the evening, or throwing over swimsuits for the beach during the day x

  7. Me again. :) You asked about my trampoline - my reply: I have a small indoor trampoline. They can feel..strange to use at first but once you get the hang of it, you're an unstoppable jumping machine, haha.

  8. Fabulous outfit - very upmarket looking!

  9. Fantastic dress - it has great style, and you look so chic. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  10. I think the suede works perfectly here. That dress + jacket are beautiful on you.

  11. Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean. I went to great lengths to find silver slingbacks by Michael (Kors). Got them now and I have to be careful not to wear them every day.
    This dress looks so good! I can understand why it is your favourite. I once order something similar but longer, and there was a lot of material on one side, near my knee, pulling towards the other side. I had to send it back as it really hurt my knee. No such trouble with this dress I gather.

  12. Love the all black look, very chic and elegant. I like the boots as well. The dress looks so marvelousy comfortable as well as stylish. Best of both worlds!
    rom the link up
    Please stop by, jess

  13. Delicious! Love the sweep and drape and the black! So chic, dress it up or down and it's always lovely. So happy to see you dramatic and PRESENT! My hero!