Sunday, 31 May 2015


Thought I would share some Stylish Links this week!

Check out The Third Person, a great new blog by a couple of Aussie girls.  Thoughtful posts and stylish outfits.  I was inspired by Kaliopi's outfit HERE, so much so that I recreated it for my own casual Friday.. ok it may have been Wednesday!

Always fascinated by the minimal wardrobe concept, I enjoyed reading how Denaye achieved a pared back wardrobe that worked for her.

Having read about the art director who wore the same outfit to work every day HERE, writer Alicia Cohn tried the same thing for one week. The question her 'experiment' raised "Simplicity has become trendy. But what are we simplifying for? is food for thought.

Nikki's latest The Model and Me feature from Styling You features a gorgeous cape and I must say she does wear it better than the model:)  I particularly like how Nikki has used lovely light coloured ankle boots to bookend her beautiful blonde hair.  Her styling of this outfit is just lovely.

Take a look at one of my favourite Pinterest boards Here featuring some wonderfully elegant, modern and minimal outfits.

I will leave you this thought ...

xxx Deborah


  1. Hi Deborah, I'm a huge fan of your blog and appreciate what you are doing. As long as you are making recommendations, I'm going to be in Melbourne the second half of July, can you recommend places to shop and visit and give some tips on how to pack for the weather (coming from the US, via Laos and Thailand so I'll have to pack some lightweight layers). I'm particularly interested in outerwear - will I need a heavy coat or raingear or will a wool blazer, scarf and hat do the trick? Thanks!

    1. Hi Anonymous, not all of these reflect my personal aesthetic but I can name for you some fabulous and some iconic Australian labels to check out. Country Road, Veronika Maine, Sass & Bide, Leona Edmiston, Bless'ed Are The Meek, Wittner (shoes), Saba, and of course my personal fave, Metalicus. David Jones Department Store carries many fabulous Aussie labels so worth checking them out. Depending on where you are staying, Chadstone Shopping Centre also has a large range of Australian fashion brands. Weather wise, it will be winter here but of course our 'cold' is perhaps not as cold as yours is. So when I say it can be freezing, you might just laugh at me LOL. I would bring clothing that you can layer. I would pack a coat (or a warm leather jacket?) but definitely something to cover and keep your torso warm, and definitely a scarf. I tend to wear slouchy beanies in winter so a hat would be good and a pair of warm boots as open style shoes will not be warm enough. I really hope you enjoy your visit. Melbourne is my home city and it's a fantastic place.