Saturday, 6 June 2015


I am sure you are thinking sort sleeves in Winter !?!  

top : danier leather
soft touch seamless dress : metalicus
leggings : brown sugar
cocoon cardigan : suzanne grae
ankle boots : serra

Attended a friends birthday today.  It was at his home out on their undercover deck but it was very cold.  At the last moment I popped a large black wrap (not shown) in my bag, which I ended up wearing the whole time.  It was one of those rare occasions where my desire to wear a certain thing overrode my commonsense which told me to wear something warm!

This top looks a bit like this one but it is different and has a bit of a story.  It's from Danier Leather in Canada and I had been lusting over it for some time when a beautiful friend from the land of the maple leaf, advised me that it was on deep sale and she would be happy to pick one up and send it to me.  Well it took some time to get here and in the meantime I came across the one in the other post which I bought... just in case.  The Danier one finally arrived and I felt they were different enough to warrant keeping both. I am not big on wearing patterns unless they are pretty abstract and anything in an abstract black and white is very appealing to me (think recent Allsaints ranges).  The patterns are different, the necklines are different and the back (which cannot be seen) is different.   

I like to keep a quite carefully curated wardrobe and everything I buy really has to earn it's place.  I don't like clutter or a wardrobe stuffed full of clothes but rather a smaller collection of clothing I love and wear often, so I am careful about duplication.  After much consideration I decided there was room for both tops in my closet!

How about you?  Do you ever duplicate pieces?  And do you have self imposed rules to assess what enters your closet?

xxx Deborah


  1. Look beautiful and lovely top. As always, great minimalist proposal.

  2. Beautiful top, Deborah and to me it reads as more graphic and stream-lined than the other one. I think keeping both is a good idea. I never used to duplicate, but as I start to develop a uniform I find myself duplicating basics in my core neutrals.

    1. Thanks Sharon. I agree, I think they are different enough:) And I am also finding that as I hone my style, certain duplications are actually sartorial wisdom:)

  3. Gorgeous Deborah! You do indeed have a terrific curated wardrobe. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Pam. It took 3 months to get to me and it was worth the wait:)

  5. Love this look! (I'm a sucker for black and white;)) Those boots of yours look so sturdy and well made, I'm sure you'll have a lot of wear out of them

    1. You and me both Mrs C. Black and White makes me so happy:) The boots are fantastic and were such a good addition to my wardrobe.