Thursday, 21 May 2015


Can you stand another "poncho' post?  You have probably guessed by now that I do rather love them!

poncho : rockmans
long sleeve jersey top : cotton on
leggings : zara
ankle boots : hush puppies

I am quite besotted with ponchos and wraps, and always have been.  The wonderful thing is that this season they are once again trending, so there is a lot of variety and choice available.

My theory is that ponchos can be that amazing third piece that can really elevate an otherwise very simple outfit.

I wore this the other week for Mothers Day lunch with my lovely Mother In Law and my husbands family.  It was a wet and cold Saturday and my creative juices were not flowing. The column of black was a no brainer for me but I needed 'something' to complete the outfit but didn't feel like wearing a jacket.    The grey marle poncho added that 'something' without compromising the simplicity and minimalism of the outfit.  And it is warm and comfy!

The work horse here is my leggings.  The mixed media Zara leggings are in high rotation and I am enjoying wearing them.  They transition easily between work and casual.

Is there a workhorse in your wardrobe at the moment?

xxx Deborah


  1. Another beautiful example of your intelligence by combining the minimum and to use minimal colors. The poncho, centerpiece, is cute, and as you do, you do not recharge it with nothing. Another demonstration of balance and sobriety. I love it.

  2. Absolutely love the way you always start with black to construct you look. You use it like a blank canvas and I love that!
    Accidental Icon

  3. Love your style. So out of the box. Bravo

  4. Love your style. So out of the box. Bravo