Sunday, 8 November 2015


Thanks to Instagram, I have recently discovered some new fashion designers, accessory designers and some new style buddies!

One of the accounts I recently started following was House of Poly.

Each item is handmade by designer Katrina.  Katrina designs, rolls the clay into unique beads, cures and forms each piece by hand thus creating a genuinely unique piece of jewellery.

Some of my favourite pieces at the moment..

I am not normally drawn to what I would define as 'arty' accessories, but there is something about these designs that I find really appealing.  It could be that there is a lot of black and neutral tones, with just the right pop of colour which makes them perfectly suited for 'finishing' a very streamlined all black outfit;)

Oh and did I mention Katrina is a fellow Aussie?!  

If you have a moment, check out House of Poly.

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Thanks for dropping by.

xxx Deborah


  1. Hi Deborah, thanks so much for sharing my work. You've got a great blog and a style that is much like mine - a love for black. Cheers, Katrina

  2. Hi Katrina, it's a pleasure! We have so much creative talent here, it's wonderful to be able to share that. Had a feeling we might share a similar style aesthetic;) xxx Deborah