Monday, 9 November 2015


Sometimes the most unexpected item can bring new life to older items. This was the case for me when I bought the Motto Betty Belt recently.

While I like the idea of belts, I rarely find ones that I like, or ones that are comfortable enough to wear all day.  As a result, my belt of choice has been a nice soft Obi Belt, but the Obi belt is somewhat limited as it works best sitting on the waist providing little versatility.

My new belt however can be worn on the waist or on the hips, is soft and stretchy and somehow, magically, stays in place when worn on the hips so there is little fuss and readjusting required.

The beauty of this addition to my wardrobe is that it has given new life to some of my outfits.  Last year I enjoyed wearing a lot of simple oversized tops, but this year, while I am still loving those tops, I am craving a slight change in silhouette, so adding a lower slung belt has refreshed these items.

top : metalicus  /  jersey cami : motto  /  betty belt : motto  /  pants : valley girl  /  sandals : rivers

top : metalicus  /  betty belt : motto

The Betty Belt, along with it's bigger (bucklewise) sister The Orbit Belt  (available in silver or gunmetal) are signature pieces in the Motto range.  

If you are looking for something to add a little something to your outfits, maybe it's a statement belt??

So, do you wear belts?  If not, why not?

xxx Deborah

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  1. I love these belts. I don't wear statement belts, not sure why. Maybe that should change, they look great on you.

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  3. Hi Deborah, totally agree with you that this belt is a game changer, looks great in all the outfits shown. Love your black and white sandals too :)

  4. I love the look in black and white, you'll look gorgeous.

  5. LOVE the belt! And interesting to here that it stays put. I have been put off hip belts because of the fiddle factor, so good to hear that this is not a problem with these ones.

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