Sunday, 15 November 2015


Wearing a dress over pants is one of my favourite looks and I have been wearing it for well over 15 years.  It hasn't changed much.  I tend to stick to a slim leg pant and dress with either an asymmetric hemline or of late the hi/low hem.

jersey boheme dress :  Motto  classic pant : katies  /  shoes : rubi
If you pop by regularly you will know that I am not in the habit of wearing patterns, but this one was so beautiful, I couldn't resist.

Of course leggings are another option, but I like the proportions created here by a more structured pant.

How about you?  Are you wearing dresses over pants?

xxx Deborah


  1. Love this...and the I agree on the more structured leg line!

  2. I like this because although it's patterned, it is a very simple cut i.e. no collar :-) Lovely on you!

  3. The dress is beautiful, the look is great. The dress also look great on you without pants.

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  5. I have been trying to incorporate that look into my fashion but it's been difficult as I am 5'2 and have to be careful of shortening my appearance . May I ask your height? Also , the correct shoes is a must with a look like this one. Great job!