Saturday, 21 November 2015


If I am not wearing all black, chances are I will be wearing black and white.  With Summer closing in, adding a little softness with white is a great way to transition my black items into the warmer weather.

marlini drape top : metalicus /  black reversible 80cm cami : motto  /  white slim leg pants : valley girl  /  sandals : rivers  earrings : pop up shop no label  /  leather bracelet : adele's shoe gallery   /  betty belt : motto 

While the warm weather often inspires many of us to bring out the colours in our wardrobe, I find my palette of black, white, grey and blue makes me just as happy in summer as in winter.  

In the warmer months I do find having bare legs and arms also serves to "soften" my blacks. Blacks can be a little heavy for the warm weather so keeping it "light" seems to make it work best.  I generally like to have some skin showing on my legs, arms and neckline to create the right balance and proportions.

How about you?  Do you wear black in Spring/Summer?  Do you have a colour palette that you love and wear all year round?

xxx Deborah


  1. I like the lighter colours in summer. I think this strikes a great balance - cool and light looking, but still with your signature black.

    I tend to wear the same colours year round, though I wear more white and patterns in summer.

  2. I find your earrings stunning as they mimic your belt. My favorite thing to do with fashion right now is to mimic prints and textures with accessories. I absolutely love when I see it in outfits. At times I think about it too much and it doesn't work. Your look is effortless.

    I tend to wear a lot of grey/charcoal tops and dresses year-round. In summer I'll lighten things up by pairing with silver sandals and/or white accessories.

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  4. I wear black all year round - I love how it always makes me feel confident. I am on a bit of a journey to embrace colour at the moment but will never stop wearing black.

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