Sunday, 27 December 2015


A couple of posts back I shared with you about the my new game changer belt.  So I thought I would share another item that has also 'added value' to my wardrobe recently.

Motto 80cm Reversible Cami Black

I have a small collection of cotton elastane cami tops that have been worn less and less over the past few years. Primarily because they haven't been able to fulfill the job required of them and I have found them to be increasingly uncomfortable, they are often too short and regardless of length they don't stay in place and I am forever pulling at them and rearranging them.

Mottto 80cm Reversible Cami Ribena (Cobalt Blue)

These Motto Jersey Reversible Camis have rendered my old cotton elastane ones redundant.  These camis are available in three lengths, and a variety of colours.  They are a stretch jersey with a 'crushed' effect and are reversible with the option of a scoop or 'v' neckline. My first purchase was the 80cm cami in black, I then added another 80cm in Cobalt Blue and my most recent addition has been the 90cm (dress length on petite me) in black.

The beauty of these garments are they stay in place.  They are smooth and satiny to the touch and, as a result, any garment you wear over them will fit smoothly and skim the cami so you don't have to worry about your top layer 'catching' or 'bunching' on the fabric of the cami.

Motto Jersey 90cm Reversible Cami (avail in variety of colours)

I have been wearing mine to add a little extra length under a shorter draped top, (it covers my tummy area and creates a nice clean line on that part of my body), to add a little pop of colour under a black top, and as a 'slip' under a sheer dress.  They are also substantial an lovely enough to simply wear on their own.  And possibly best of all, they are wash and wear! There are many more options for wear that I will show you in coming posts but for now here are four ways I have worn the black 80cm cami recently.

one : elongating a high low top and creating a low contrast for belting
two : layered under an animal print top to create some 'balance'
three : worn as top under a jacket
four : as with no. 2, layered under white top for coverage and to create smooth foundation for belting

These camis have quickly become an important basic in my wardrobe, and despite not wearing much colour, I find myself wanting one in every colour :)   I know it's an incredibly cliched thing to say, but I am not sure how my wardrobe functioned before I bought these!

So I am wondering what fills this hole in your own wardrobe.  Is this type of top important in how you put your outfits together?

xxx Deborah

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    1. Thank you so much Josep-Maria:) I love that top, it's perfect for our hot summer.

  2. I have a Nordstrom label tank that fits the bill nicely. I used to own a Theory bodysuit but I wore it out, literally! Also have a Helmut Lang asymmetrical tank that I can wear underneath, instead of a bra, with certain (more substantial) tops.
    For Christmas, I received a long tank by Rick Owens DRKSHDW that can double as a layering piece now, and a dress in warm weather.

    1. Stephanie, sounds look you have this well covered:) The new tank sounds fabulous and I bet the fabric is just divine. I love clothing that can do double duty and serve different purposes at different times.

  3. Cute black jacket :)
    Maria V.

    1. Thanks Maria:) The black jacket has proven to be a brilliant addition to my office wear capsule.

  4. That outfit is so versatile! I'd surely keep that in my wardrobe because you will never really know when you will find great use for it. The fact that it's reversible makes it more worth buying. It's definitely a smart option. Thanks for sharing!

  5. These look really good, Deborah. I have a bunch of Uniqlo Heatech camisoles and I wear one pretty much every day, but I can see that the longer Motto ones would work really well as a base for a whole lot of outfits.

  6. Hi Deborah. Have been enjoying your blog. I first followed you on instagram simply because I loved your hair style and saw you were from Bendigo where my fam is. Now I just recognized your name. I am pretty sure we worked together on some events 15 years ago organizing RHB at Richmond? I was the PA there and I am not sure we met except over the phone. You were at Bayside? Keep up the great blog and instagram. .I am @catwalkuniversestyle if you want to check me out. X Sarah

  7. Clothing both expresses something about who we are and informs us on who we are. Clothing shouldn’t define us – that limits us and gives our clothing too much power. But when we see clothing as a way to express some part of who we are, then clothing becomes fun, it becomes one way to let others know something about who we are. Not everything about who we are, note. Clothing can be as powerful as the words we use to express who we are.#

  8. Missing you, Deborah! Will you be back soon? Hope all is well. -- Queen Lucia