Saturday, 27 July 2013


Bendigo Fashion Week is coming up in September (stay tuned) and I knew I was entering dangerous territory on Thursday when I was doing the annual drop in to our fashion retailers to invite their involvement.

The LABoratory had a sale rack right inside the entrace that called my name as I walked in!
I walked out with a gorgeous grey asymmetric knit tank, and two draped knit cardigans, one in pale grey and the other in a blue grey tone.  All three will be workhorses in my wardrobe and should be quite transeasonal also.  The grey tank had it's first outing today.

draped cardigan/jacket : 'gorgeous'
knit asymetric tank : E&D Everyday
leggings : katies
suede boots : rivers
grey patterned scarf : brown sugar
bag : stella mccartney for target

I'm tempted to say that it was "freezing" here today but that is probably being a tad dramatic.  It was very cold so I added one of my favourite scarves from Brown Sugar.  It turned out to be colder than I thought so in the true spirit of winter layering, I removed the scarf and piled on a very warm knitted wrap.

And just for fun, and because I wanted to show of my new Chanel sunglasses (a gift) I ventured out to the garden 'cos it would have been silly wearing sunglasses inside... right?

Thanks for dropping by and have a great week.
xxx Deborah


  1. You are outside, fun to see and I do like the sunglasses. Brave to see you stepping outside! Your hair is looking particularly beautiful today, a fresh cut? The scarf adds a lovely layer of texture and pattern to your outfit.

    blue hue wonderland

  2. Oh wow, I LOVE this outfit!! Especially the patterned leggings which add such a nice touch.

  3. Love seeing you out in the sun, especially with those fabulous Channel sunnies!
    The scarf print and the leggings print do complement each other without being too matchy-match.
    Also the circle or "o" necklace is a favorite of mine.

  4. I love this look, the pants are cute. I love the combination of black and gray. The draping and asymmetrical appearance of the pieces is wonderful. The scarf is lovely. You are elegant, fashionable and attractive in this post.

  5. LOL Ann, I ventured as far as my back yard. I love your location shots so I am taking baby steps towards more outdoor opportunities.

    Une Femme, thanks so much for your comment, I enjoy your blog and it was a thrill to see you here:)

    Ofelia, the circle is a favourite design of mine too, thank you.

    Josep-Maria, thank you for your very kind words.

  6. You look fantastic in your new sunglasses! The shape of your cardigan is also lovely.

  7. Oh always make me want to go shopping ;)


  8. I just love the grey. And your new Chanel sunglasses are fab! The last photo is my favorite.