Sunday, 4 August 2013

Meet The Designers / One

Last Monday,  I had the pleasure of meeting the design team behind Australian Fashion brand, Brown Sugar.

Brown Sugar was established in 1975 only a few suburbs away from where I grew up, and
my first recollection of Brown Sugar, was of a fashionable, must shop at boutique.   Over the years I noted changes and the ranges seemed a little staid and to be honest they fell off my radar.  However I have recently rediscovered Brown Sugar who are once again producing quality clothing, with a timeless elegance and just a touch of trend.

Designers Jessie Morrison and Kat Ignatieva joined the team in September last year and where once Brown Sugar was primarily reaching the 50/60 year old age bracket, the brand is expanding it's reach and now attracting women 35 and up.  Their vision for the brand is to produce quality garments that are timeless, classic, and elegant.

Brown Sugar Design Team:  Jessie Morrison & Kat Ignatieva

When designing, both Jessie and Kat explained that they consider the women in their own lives... their mums, their friends, family members, asking them would they wear this?   They also keep an eye on sites such as Net A Porter and Shopbob both known for being very current, if not well ahead of what's trending.

Kat & Jessie taking a look at one of my favourite peices, the Baroque Feather Print Dress

In coming ranges, Jessie & Kat shared we can expect to see more natural fibres, and blended fabrics to ensure garments are easy to wash and care for, thus contributing to the longevity of the garments.  Spring / Summer will see a touch of the Sport Luxe trend, lots of colour and texture, and the peplum is still in.  Jessie & Kat showed me a gorgeous light weight peplum summer dress which will be available in a black and also a patterned black and white... with sleeves!   I am quite looking forward to trying that on when in it arrives in store.

What impressed me the most is the commitment Brown Sugar demonstrates to their existing, and  growing, customer base.   The team at Brown Sugar express a genuine interest in, and desire to know, what their customers want.  What works for them and what doesn't.  That in itself makes we want to shop with them:) 

From left to right: Kat, Haylee (Store Manager, Bendigo) Alisha (Sales Assistant) & Jessie

Brown Sugar is definitely worth checking out.  The website is incredibily user freindly and yes you can order online.  I will leave you with a few of my favourite pieces currently in store.  

Baroque Feather Print Dress

Baroque Jaquard Long Sleeve Top with Contrast Shoulder Panels

Boucle Gold Thread Jacket

xxx Deborah

* Please note this not a sponsored post.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own*


  1. You lucky duck getting to meet the designers Deb! I have seen this label popping up a few times and always thought they were more on the dowdy side but looks like they have some nice pieces on their website. Will be keeping on eye on them for sure. What's their fabric feel like in general?

    1. Hi Karen, I think they have well and truly moved away from dowdy :) Fabrics are lovely. Nice to the touch and easy to wear. I would suggest that a lot of thought goes into the wearability of a fabric in the context of the garment it is to be used for. I have only experienced one garment in the past two years that "looked" fabulous but found the fabric just didn't meet my expectation. If you ever want me to go in store and take a look at something for you, just let me know.

  2. Thanks for the introduction to Brown Sugar, Deborah. How much fun that you could meet the designers and return to a line you used to love. I will keep them on my radar as well!!

  3. These look like great designs and I will check them out. Hurray for dresses with sleeves, love the one you have pictured here! Beautiful colors and pattern. What a fun post and you must have had a good time checking this out.

    blue hue wonderland

  4. Thanks Pam and Ann. LOL Ann we had a good chat about the need for more dresses with sleeves. They are producing some lovely peices and I am looking forward to the summer range.

  5. Love the jacket! I'm glad that peplum is still in!

  6. Thanks for the details and photos Deborah- I was hoping to hear more about your meetings with Brown Sugar.
    I like the Feather print dress and note that that Alisha has layered it in the pic.
    Hoping that more cool colours are introduced in the future!

  7. Hi Lynette, yes that dress is gorgeous and Alisha is wearing it like it has been styled in some of the promotional shots. Haylee wore hers the other day with Brown Sugars current leather jacket and tall boots...looked amazing. Here's the jacket ...for your viewing pleasure:).

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