Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Its funny how things can change.  Once my biggest struggle was with casual looks.  I didn't wear jeans, had a more modern classic/corporate style for work, and really didn't know how to dress 'down' on weekends. Fast forward to today and I love jeans, particularly skinny jeans, leggings and more relaxed and draped looks that certainly are appropriate in my workplace, but make for perfect dressy casual wear.  Dressing for work is boring me a little at the moment, and as a result most of what I have been posting recently are non work day outfits. 

draped cardigan :  'gorgeous'
long black tank : can't remember
tunic : yvonne black
jeans : katies
booties : hush puppies

Should inspiration strike, I may just see if I can 'wow' you with an office ensemble next week ;)

And thank you for your interest in last week's "Meet the Designers" post.  I would love to write more of these types of posts and hope to have something new  for you in coming weeks.

xxx Deborah


  1. Beautiful draping in the tops, you are inspiring me to get out my cardi wraps for the upcoming fall. You do the weekend casual looks so beautifully.....hip and cool. I'd love to see what you wear to work.

  2. Looking lovely as always, Deborah. I like how you've layered your tunic and cardigan together. I used to be against jeans but have since had a similar transition in my opinion as you have.

    Looking forward to your outfit next week!

  3. I can relate to everything you said, being required to wear corporate clothes doesn't allow for much creativity. I grab every opportunity to add some colour and be casual. I like your layering and split front, it still looks smart yet comfortable and casual.

  4. What an attractive look! Really love that tunic :)
    You look incredible as always.


  5. I always like your suggestions, so personal, so yours. You're brave, I like to work with these colors as conventional. I love the gray and black, and I love the asymmetrical patterns. I really like the shape of the gown, and the fabric is gorgeous. I like your style. I like your hair.

  6. Thank you for your kind comments. Upon reflection, I think this outfit requires a little tweak. A shorter black tank layered under the grey tunic would elongate the legs more as I find the horizontal line of the tank at this length has a slightly shortening effect.

  7. Great post, I think this is such a perfect spin on casual look. It's very classy. Tunics are one of my favorite looks too especially over skinny jeans